Hi, we’re Melologos.

And we’re on a mission to create tough tools that anyone can use to Do More With Less.


Imagine a bunch of crazy, obsessed tool fanatics with a desire to change the tool industry forever. That’s us!

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a just a DIY enthusiast, we believe that a toolbox shouldn’t take up the entire garage, and your power tool collection shouldn’t cost more than your car.

That’s why it’s our mission to create tools that Do More With Less. We create tools that are multi-purpose, yet simple to use – providing an uncomplicated “I got this!” experience.

When someone engages with our brand, we want a smile to come across their face. We want them to feel that sense of pride, pleasure and accomplishment after completing a difficult project, knowing the right tool made all the difference.


Three years ago, we had an epiphany. We realized that every homeowner wants two things:

  • To finish home projects faster

  • To be more handy around the house

Unfortunately, there was a big obstacle standing in the way…

For the last 100 years, the tool industry has been focused on selling consumers MORE instead of less. Every new tool is bigger, heavier, and more expensive than the last!

At Melologos? We’re on a mission to do the opposite. It all started with:

  • A Tool even grandma can use: The Melologos

  • A magical “adapter” that fits in your pocket replacing a box of tools: Melologos

  • An easier way to remodel your home: Melologos

Tools like these are transforming the way projects get done for thousands of people. And we’re just getting started.


Our recent innovations are just the beginning.

We’re committed to undoing the myths that “you need more to do more”, and we’re creating tough tools to prove it.

With every product we launch, we always these questions:

  • Will this tool reduce space in the garage, closet, car or truck?

  • Will this tool help the customer get the job done faster?

  • Can this tool help the customer produce a better result than anything else on the market?

Unless we can answer not just yes, but “Heck, yes!” to these questions, a tool is not a Melologos.

Our customers’ enthusiasm is what fuels us, and we want YOU to join join the revolution.

Over 75,000 people from around the globe are already doing more with Melologos. To get started, visit our online store.